Ženski svet [Women's World]

Journal of the Serbian Women Charities
Publication Type Journal
Editor(s) Arkadije Varađanin
Title Ženski svet [Women's World]
Subtitle Journal of the Serbian Women Charities
Publishing Place Novi Sad
Publisher Serbian Women Charity from Novi Sad
Publishing Years From 1886
Publishing Years To 1914
Periods off No discontinuations
Frequency Once a month
Frequent Regularly
Language and Aplhabet Serbian language, Cyrillic script
Physical Description Format: A4; Average number of pages: usually between 30 and 40; pagination continues throughout one year; illustrations: initials that appear at the beginning of most texts
Associates Gender Both genders are represented; a considerable number of anonymous authors and non-clarified initials
Program The journal, which revolves around women, is mainly dedicated to the members of the Serbian Women Charities, for it regularly publishes reports on their activities, including on their committees from all the places where they were established. It advocates the emancipation of women and their equal status in society. What is more, the journal brings up various topics on how to bring up female children, maintain hygiene, and run a household. It also contains reports on the state of schooling as well as the news that concern the publication and establishment of new journals and papers. Apart from these, particularly notable are its numerous literary supplements, mostly poetry.
Feminine One could argue that the journal is female, as it is primarily dedicated to a female readership.
Distribution and Price 1 forint or 2 dinars in silver; later 2½ dinars in silver


Data collected by Dragana Grujić and Gordana Đoković. Translated by Višnja Krstić. Journal's bibliography available at:

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