Database Knjiženstvo – Theory and History of Women's Writing in Serbian until 1915 contains information about works of Serbian women writers from the Middle Ages to 1915. It consists of basic biographical and bibliographical data on female authors, information about their mutual influences and connections with other Serbian and foreign writers, as well as information about translations, women's magazines and links leading to digitized texts. Although the database continues the tradition of non-hierarchical articles about women's creativity, such as lists and bibliographies of women's work, which were written between the late 19th and the end of 20th century, it also emphasizes the need for constant updating and upgrading, which digital medium invites.

  Tutorial Knjizenstvo DB

Together with electronic magazine entitled Knjiženstvo, Journal for Studies in Literature, Gender and Culture, the database is one of the first results of the project Knjiženstvo – Theory and History of Women's Writing in Serbian until 1915, which is financed by The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia. The chair of the project is Professor Biljana Dojčinović (Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade).

The research project Knjiženstvo – Theory and History of Women's Writing in Serbian until 1915 uses new theoretical models within a contemporary technological environment – the digital database. The project examines the possibilities of gender theory application to the research of literature written by women, to the reception  of women’s writing and the influence of women's creativity. The Knjiženstvo project is associated with COST action IS0901 Women Writers in History: Toward a New Understanding of European Literary Culture, which includes a database of European women's literature written until 1900 Women Writers in History . The aim of Knjiženstvo project is to highlight the history of women's literature and to theorize its specificities by transforming the existing, mostly Western, concepts and models.

Access to Knjiženstvo database is free. The information it contains is the result of the work done by a group of researchers gathered around the Knjiženstvo project. All interested researchers are invited to use the collected data, provided that they state the database as a reference.

Knjiženstvo database is under construction; its data are being entered gradually.


When you click on any of the displayed fields – AUTHOR, WORKS, RECEPTION, SERIAL PUBLICATIONS – you are granted access to following data:

  • Biographical information about authors: important dates, information about their personal and professional lives, bibliographic information, links to other sites, etc.
  • Information about works: date of publication, edition and re-edition, links to other websites and digitized works, etc.
  • Information about serial publications: members of the editorial board, frequency of publications, lists of associates, general orientation, etc.
  • Reception details, such as reviews in periodicals, translations, etc.

For additional information about Knjiženstvo database and journal Knjiženstvo, Journal for Studies in Writing, Gender and Culture contact the editorial board on following addresses: