Jelena Skerlić Ćorović

Name Jelena Skerlić Ćorović
Spouse and other names Ćorović
Date of birth October 16, 1887
Date of death February 16, 1960
Country Serbia
Language Serbian
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About her personal situation

She was born in 1887, as Jelena Skerlić, the sister of the famous literary critic Jovan Skerlić. In 1910 she married Vladimir Ćorović, a distinguished professor of history, rector of the University of Belgrade and member of the Serbian Royal Academy, with whom she had a daughter. In 1919, Vladimir having received tenure as a professor at the Faculty of Philology, Jelena took up residence in Belgrade.  She died in 1960.

Place of birth Beograd
Place(s) of residence Serbia, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia
Place of death Beograd
Nationality srpska
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Married
Number of children 2
Gender of children F
Education University education

About her professional situation

She translated from French and English, mostly short stories and novels by Maupassant, but also works by Jules Lemaitre, Claude Farrère, Ernest Renan, Henri Lavedan, Chamfort and Dostoevsky. In 1932 she published, along with the literary analysis of Khayyam poems, the adaptation of nine rubaiyats based on Fitzgerald’s translation, and a second volume containing seventy five rubaiyats, which she had adapted from the French prosaic translation of the original. She wrote a series articles, memoirist fragments on Milovan Glišić, Bogdan and Pavle Pavlović, as well as autobiographical sketches on her childhood and the life of her famous brother Jovan Skerlić. 

Profession(s) and other activities Literary critic, Translator from French, Translator from English, Teacher/governess, and Translator
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian
Financial aspects of her career Stipend/allowance/pension

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