Žena [Woman]

Monthly journal for women (1911 - 1914), Journal for entertainment and education (1918 - 1921)
Publication Type Journal
Editor Milica Tomić
Title Žena [Woman]
Subtitle Monthly journal for women (1911 - 1914), Journal for entertainment and education (1918 - 1921)
Publishing Place Novi Sad
Publisher Serbian publishing house of dr Svetozar Miletić in Novi Sad
Publishing Years From 1911
Publishing Years To 1921
Periods off 1915, 1916, 1917
Frequency once a month
Frequent regularly
Language and Aplhabet Serbian language, Cyrillic script
Physical Description Format: 23cm, 21cm, 23, cm; Average number of pages: Between 65 and 75; Illustrations: Illustrations are rare but several photographs of notable women appear along illustrations in advertisments
Number of Associates the number varies depending on the year; around 30
Associates Gender both genders are represented
Program The journal Žena was initiated with the intention to cover all aspects of women's life. It brings articles of various content - those dealing with women's role in society, politics, culture or at home. The journal focuses on women from Serbia but offers a good insight into the women's question, in the widest sense, on a global scale.
Feminine The editor is a woman; the journal is of a general female type, considering that it deals with various questions concerning women and their lives, so it is difficult to narrow down its type. it could not be said that the journal is feminist in the real sense of the word, as the woman is usually placed in the traditional role of a mother, wife, daughter, or that of a Serbian woman. On the other hand, the emphasis is placed on women's education.
Distribution and Price Subscription for Hungary, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, annually 8K; quarterly 2K. For all other states, 10 dinars per year. Certain issues of Žena cost 80 poturs, that is 1 dinar.


The journal's subtitle is changed in 1918: in lieu of Monthly journal for women (1911 - 1914), it becomes Journal for entertainment and education (1918 - 1921)As for the publishing house, as of issue 2 (1911), the publisher is the Serbian publishing house of Dr Svetozar Miletić; as of issue 9 (1911) it is called the Electric Publishing House of Dr Svetozar Miletić; as of issue 1 (1918) Supek Publishing House; as of issue 3 (1918) Publishing House Supek and Jovanović; as of issue 1 (1920) Publishing House Supek-Jovanović and Bogdanov.Finally, a Calendar with pictures, prepared by Milica J. Tomić, is published as a special issue of the Žena journal for the years 1912, 1913, and 1914. Available at: University Library Svetozar Marković, Belgrade; National Library, Belgrade; Matica srpska Library, Novi Sad. Entry by Ana Kolarić, Dec. 2012. Translated by Višnja Krstić, Oct. 2018.

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