Vilhelmina Mina Karadžić Vukomanović

Spouse Aleksa Vukomanović
Date of birth July 12, 1828
Date of death June 12, 1894
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Personal situation

She is the daughter of Vuk Karadžić

“The first association one has upon hearing her name is that she was just the daughter of a very famous father. However, she did claim some personal credit in Serbian cultural history. Although she was more famous as a painter, Mina also deserves her modest, but well-earned place in our literary history.”

“Indeed, she was her father's sweetheart, but not only his. All of his friends loved her dearly, and it is well known that Vuk's house in Vienna was visited by some of the most learned and most influential people of that time, like Jernej Kopitar, Branko Radičević, Đura Daničić, etc. This great father was ready to give up on his own needs, only to provide for his sweetheart’s proper education. He was paying for her private language, music and painting lessons. Besides German, her mother tongue, and Serbian, her father’s native language, she learned French, Italian, and English, and was also familiar with the Russian language."


Gordana Đoković, Mina Karadžić Vukomanović (1828 – 1894), a selective bibliography

Place of birth Beč
Place(s) of residence Austria
Place of death Beč
Nationality Serbian
First language(s) German
Marital status widowed
Number of children 1
Name(s) of children Janko
Gender of children M (1)
Social class Middle class
Education Educated at home
Religion Catholic

Professional situation

Profession(s) and other activities Painter, translator, and fiction writer/novelist
Language(s) in which she wrote German and Serbian


Reception during lifetime

Reception after death

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