Ljubica Ivošević Dimitrov

Spouse Georgije Dimitrov
Date of birth July 05, 1880
Date of death May 27, 1933

Personal situation

Ljubica Ivošević Dimitrov was born on July 17, 1880, in Saranovo, Serbia. At the age of sixteen, her brother took her to Smederevska Palanka to become a tailor. In 1900, she moved to her other brother in Belgrade. In 1902, she moved to Vienna and a few months later to Bulgaria. She soon became a member of the Bulgarian socio-democratic party. In 1903, she was one of the leaders of a strike in the factory where she worked. She then met high-ranking officer Gregori Dimitrov, whom she later married. They travelled together for work. In 1933, her husband was charged for an alleged attack on the Reichstag. On May 27, 1933, she committed suicide in Moscow. 

Place of birth Saranovo, Šumadija
Place(s) of residence Austria, Bulgaria, Russian Federation, and Serbia
Place of death Moskva
Nationality Serbian
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Married

Professional situation

Ljubica Ivošević Dimitrov is considered to be the first Serbian proletarian female poet. She published 25 poems in different journals and magazines. She also published two prose works in Bulgaria. Most of the letters that she wrote to her husband have been preserved. She also translated articles from Russian. She was a member of the Communist Party and a member of the Association of Soviet writers.



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Entry by Milica Đuričić and Jelena Josipović

Translated by Višnja Krstić

Profession(s) and other activities translator, poet, social-cultural activist, and fiction writer/novelist
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian


Reception after death

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