Anđelija Lazarević

Name Anđelija Lazarević
Date of birth October 03, 1885
Date of death February 25, 1926
Country Serbia
Language Serbian
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About her personal situation

Anđelija Lazarević, born in 1885 in Belgrade (Serbia), was daughter of Laza Lazarević, prominent Serbian writer. She inherited her father's talent for writing but was also gifted for painting. She was often ill, which considerably slowed down first her education and later her career.

She got private lessons in literature and foreign languages such as French, German, Russian, Italian and English. She got her high school diploma in 1910 and the following year became teacher in drawing in the First Women High School in Belgrade. She travelled to Munich (1914) and Paris (1920) with a view to improving her painting skills. During the First World War she worked as a nurse. She died in Belgrade, aged 41.

Place of birth Beograd
Place(s) of residence Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Serbia, and Slovenia
Place of death Beograd
Nationality srpska
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Single
Social class Upper class
Education Educated at home and School education

About her professional situation

Anđelija Lazarević wrote her first prose work "Lutanja" (Wanderings) a year before the outbreak of the First World War. Literary critic Jovan Skerlić encouraged her to continue writing and accepted her manuscript for publication but it did not appear in press at the time due to Skerlić's sudden death. An excerpt of this short story was published, with certain modifications, in "Misao".

Anđelija Lazarević's wrote poetry too, the spirit of which is close to that of her contemporaries Ivo Andrić, Danica Marković and Desanka Maksimović. Her prose also contains a distinct lyrical tone. On the whole, her work belongs to the modern stream of Serbian post-war writing.

Main source:
Anđelija Lazarević, "Govor stvari" (Speech of things), Sluzbeni glasnik, Beograd, 2012.

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Profession(s) and other activities Writer of prose and novel, Nurse, Social-cultural activist, Poet, Painter, and Teacher/governess
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian
Financial aspects of her career Salary
Memberships Other

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