Milica Todorović-Ninković

Name Milica Todorović-Ninković
Date of birth January 30, 1854
Date of death November 18, 1881
Country Serbia
Language Serbian
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About her personal situation

She was born in Novi Sad on January 30, 1854. She finished primary school and girls' school there. When she was 16, she met Svetozar Marković. It was under his influence that she decided to go to Zurich and enrol with her sister at university to study pedagogy. In 1874, she came with her sister and mother to Kragujevac, where she intended to open a girls' private school. However, they were not allowed to do that. Both sisters were considered "dangerous anarchists." They were even ordered to leave Kragujevac and to report to the internal affairs department of a Belgrade municipality. Since that meant that they would be banished from Serbia as undesirable foreigners, Milica married Pera Todorović, and Anka, her sister, a merchant in Kragujevac. They did that to save themselves from persecution. During the First Serbian-Ottoman War, Milica was a volunteer nurse in 1876. After the war, she went to Novi Sad with her husband. She got a scholarship to study medicine in Saint Petersburg. However, she fell ill there and, since she could not take any exams, she lost her scholarship. She returned to Novi Sad, but then left with her husband, who was banished, to Paris. While in Paris, she fell ill again. When Jovan Ristić's government fell and when all political exiles were pardoned, they returned to Serbia. From Belgrade, they moved in with Milica's sister, Anka. However, Milica was gravely ill and she passed away there on November 18, 1881.

Place of birth Novi Sad
Place(s) of residence France, Russian Federation, Serbia, and Switzerland
Place of death Kragujevac
Nationality Srpkinja
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Married

About her professional situation

Profession(s) and other activities Translator
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian

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