Milena Miladinović

Name Milena Miladinović
Spouse and other names Miladinović
Date of birth 1869
Date of death 1928
Country Serbia
Language German and Serbian
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About her personal situation

Milena Miladinović was born in Vienna in 1869. She finished primary and secondary school there. She enrolled at university to study philosophy, dut did not graduate.

She was of German origin.

She married Dr Žarko Miladinović. After her wedding, she moved to Ruma.

She died in Belgrade in 1928.

Place of birth Beč
Place of death Beograd
Marital status Married
Education School education

About her professional situation

She started writing poems early, and her first poems were in German. Thanks to her husband, she learnt Serbian and started writing poetry in Serbian. She also started translating from German into Serbian and vice versa.

She translated folk poems from the Kosovo cycle into German. She translated around thirty Serbian folk poems into German and published them in Viennese magazines "Parlamentär" and "Ost-Westliche Rundschau." She collaborted with the following Serbian magazines: "Bosanska vila," "Nova Iskra," "Srpska Domaja," "Brankovo kolo," as well as calendars "Orao," "Kosovo," etc. starting from 1901.

Zmaj was a good friend of hers. He translated one poem she wrote from German into Serbia and published it in the magazine "Srpska Domaja." Milena Miladinović wanted to repay him, so she erected a monument in his honour in Ruma. 

Profession(s) and other activities Poet and Translator

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