Ljubica Pešić

Spouse Dušan Pešić
Date of birth 1879
Date of death January 21, 1945

Personal situation

She was born as one of the five children of Borko Todorović, principal of Trade Academy. She finished Elementary School and High School for Girls in Belgrade. She passed her teacher exam in 1897–1898. She was married to Dušan Pesić, a division general, Chief of Third Army Staff in Corfu, editor of the magazine Radnik (The Worker) etc. Ljubica Pešić worked in cultural, humanitarian, and national associations. During the Balkan Wars, she worked at hospitals in Ćuprija and Belgrade. In the First World War, after the occupation of Serbia, she first moves to Corfu and then leaves for Rome with her husband, who was appointed a military attaché. There, toward the end of 1917, together with Poleksije Todorović and Delfa Ivanić, she founded a committee for the relief of captured and interned Serbs.

Place of birth Beograd
Place(s) of residence Serbia
Place of death Beograd
Nationality Serbian
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Married
Social class Upper class

Professional situation

Ljubica Pešić was a cultural and public worker and a collaborator of many magazines. After the war, she was active in Kolo srpskih sestara (The Circle of Serbian Sisters) and wrote for their almanac Vardar (The Vardar). She was a member of the society's administration and also often wrote annual work reports which were read at this society's general meetings. She participated in the conference "Jedinstvo slovenskih žena" ("The Unity of Slavic Women") organized by the Circle in Belgrade, 1933. From 1924 to 1927, she was an administrative member of Materinsko udruženje (The Maternal Association), precisely in the period when this association built its new Home for Orphans. She was also a collaborator of Hrišćanska zajednica mladih ljudi (The Christian Community of Young People). In addition, from 1931 to 1934, she collaborated with and wrote for Jugoslovenska žena (The Yugoslav Woman), as well as other newspapers and magazines, and she also translated from German. She was decorated with the Ministry of Defence Cross and the Red Cross Medal.


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Data collected by Jasmina Milanović, author edited by Vladimir Đurić.

Translated by Goran Petrović

Profession(s) and other activities humanitarian worker, translator, social-cultural activist, and contributor to periodical press
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian


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