Emilija (Milica) Lazić

Name Emilija (Milica) Lazić
Date of birth 1828
Date of death 1845
Country Serbia
Language Serbian

About her personal situation

Emilia Lazić was born in Sremski Karlovci in 1828. Appears also under the name Milica Lazić. Her father, Vasilije Lazić, was a professor at the grammar school in Sremski Karlovci. In 1843 they moved to Belgrade after her father was appointed as a clergyman in the Ministry of Education then, and since 1845, he also worked as a book censor.

There is no information about what happened in her life after 1845 when she published her translation of "Robinson Crusoe".

Place of birth Sremski Karlovci

About her professional situation

Emilija (Milica) Lazić translated from the French language. In 1845 she published the translation of "Robinson Crusoe" in Belgrade. The translation, although literal and intricated, was successful, and in 1873, it appeared as the second edition, also in Belgrade. The translation was followed by numerous illustrations, which caused great interest.


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Authored by: Milica Đuričić

Translated by: Marija Bulatović

Profession(s) and other activities Translator from French

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