Draga Jovanović

Name Draga Jovanović
Spouse and other names Jovanović
Date of birth Birth year approximately 1885
Date of death 1975
Country Serbia
Language Serbian

About her personal situation

Nationality srpska
Education University education

About her professional situation

A Serbian writer who graduated at the University of Geneva in 1911, majoring in literature. There she also won the first prize for the psychological-dramatic poem Noć u Veneciji (1909). In the first half of the twentieth century Draga Jovanović published the novels Bez imena (1931), Verin slučaj (1963), collections of short stories Mučenice i grešnice (1937), Mozaik stvarnosti I snova (1965), a short story Majka (1961), a collection of poems San letnje noći (1933) and a drama Jesenja noć – zimska noć (1966). In her work she explored the problems of motherhood, nonmarital pregnancy in a traditional society, love, illness and death.

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