Viktorija Jugović Risaković

Spouse Vladimir Jugović
Date of birth 1878
Date of death 1913

Personal situation

Viktorija Jugović Risaković was born in 1878. in Galovac, Croatia, where she finished elementary school. She finished high school in Varaždin and higher school in Zagreb.

She travelled across Europe, visiting Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenero, which greatly influenced her work. 

She was married to Vladimir Jugović, a pharmacist, who was also into literature.

Place of birth Galovac
Nationality Serbian
Marital status Married
Education University education

Professional situation

Viktorija Jugović Risakovič wrote fairytales and poems. Her works appeared in many prominent journals of the time. She was an editor of Fruškogorac (Man from Fruška Gora). She wrote and published in German as well.



Savremenici i poslednici Dositeja Obradovića i Vuka Stefanovića Karadžića: sakupio, obradio i sredio Vlastoje D. Aleksijević (1911-1969), forth volume. Available on:


Entry by Milica Đuričić.

Translated by Višnja Krstić.

Profession(s) and other activities fiction writer/novelist and editor of periodical press

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