Smilja Đaković

Name Smilja Đaković
Pseudonyms Jovanka Petrović
Date of birth 1895~1900
Date of death 1940~1945
Country Serbia
Language Serbian

About her personal situation

Smilja Đaković was engaged to the brother of Vladislav Petković Dis, a famous poet. After he died, she never married.

Nationality srpska
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Single

About her professional situation

Smilja Đaković was noted as the owner of the magazine Misao (Thought). She helped many writers, including Stevan Jakovljević and Milan Janjušević. She also gave Tin Ujević a job at the editorial staff of the magazine.

She wrote several stories and three of them were published - Posleratni putnici (Postwar Travelers), Ujak Aksentije (Uncle Aksentije) and Bezvlašće (Anarchy). These stories were shaped by the experience of war. They were published under the pseudonym Jovanka Petrović. Jovana Skerlić Đorović writes that several poems were published under her real name in a children's paper and that she also wrote a social novel. Isidora Sekulić wrote an essay on Smilja Đaković, Zabeležiti ime Smilje Đaković (To Mark the Name of Smilja Đaković), while Jelena Skerlić Đorović mentions her in her book Život među ljudima, memoarski zapisi (Life among People, A Memoir).

Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian

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