Persida Pinterović

Name Persida Pinterović
Date of birth 1845
Date of death 1895
Country Serbia
Language Serbian

About her personal situation

Persida Pinterović was born in Ruma in 1845. She was educated in Great Bečkerek. It is assumed that she went to Higher Women's School in Belgrade. She died suddenly at the age of fifty in Belgrade, where she was buried. 

Place of birth Ruma
Place of death Beograd
Education University education

About her professional situation

Right after she finished her studies in 1863, she started working as a teacher in Šabac. Next year, she got a job at the Higher Girls' School since she was excellent at her job in Šabac. She was prominent in the work of the Women's Society and the magazine "Domaćica" (Homemaker), in which she was the editor of the cultural board. She wrote plays. She also translated plays from German. 

In 1891 she became the head teacher of the Higher Girls' School in Belgrade.

Profession(s) and other activities Teacher/governess and Translator

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