Lujza St. Jakšić

Spouse Svetolik Jakšić
Other names Jelisaveta Ela Bernik, Alisa Teper
Date of birth 1860
Date of death 1942
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Personal situation

A friend of Jelena Dimitrijević's to whom this writer addressed her Pisma iz Soluna (Letters from Salonika).

She was born as Jelisaveta Ela Bernik. She went to school in Berlin, where she married a Swedish man. She lived in Berlin under the name Alisa Teper. After her husband's death, she inherited a lot of property and capital. It was in Berlin where she met Svetolik Jakšić, a diplomat and a publicist. They got married in Vienna in 1899. She changed her name to Lujza then. 

Place of birth Berlin
Place(s) of residence Serbia
Place of death Beograd
Nationality Luzhitsky Serb
First language(s) English and Serbian
Marital status Married

Professional situation

After coming to Belgrade, she became a teacher of French and English at the Higher School for Girls in Belgrade. For the needs of the school, she wrote the first grammar book of the Enligsh language in Serbian, Engleska gramatika za učenice Više ženske škole (English Grammar Book for Students of the Higher School for Girls). With the money, she helped her husband start the daily newspaper Štampa (The Press). 



Kosara Cvetković, Pedesetogodišnjica Više ženske škole u Beogradu (1863-1913), Beograd 1913; Nenad Tomović, Prva gramatika engleskog jezika u Srbiji, Psihologija, 2005, br.3; Milan Jovanović Stojimirović, Siluete Starog Beograda , Beograd 2008.


Srpski biografski rečnik, ur. Čedomir Popov, Matica Srpska, Novi Sad, 2004. 

Profession(s) and other activities teacher/governess
Language(s) in which she wrote English and Serbian
Financial aspects of her career Salary

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