Leposava Mijušković

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Name Leposava Mijušković
Pseudonyms L.M.
Date of birth 1882
Date of death March 26, 1910
Country Serbia
Language Serbian
Web address http://resources.huygens.knaw.nl/womenwriters/vre/persons/bab42478-f07b-4c0c-99b2-ebd166fac6cb#prevnext=1

About her personal situation

She was born in the Serbian town of Jagodina. She worked as a teacher. She died early, under mysterious circumstances.

Place of birth Jagodina
Education University education

About her professional situation

She wrote short stories and published them in an influential Serbian magazine from the beginning of the XXth century - Srpski književni glasnik (The Serbian Literary Gazette). Jovan Skerlić, a renowned critic of that time, wrote very commendable about her. In these stories, Leposava wrote about topics which were very unusual for the time, like: homosexuality, self-destruction, suicide, free love, and rebellious intellectual women. She used modern literary techniques, too, such as automatic writing and fragmentation. She was forgotten soon after her death, up until the end of the XXth century, when her stories were rediscovered in literary magazines, and collected to be published in a book.

Profession(s) and other activities Writer of prose and novel

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