Julija Obrenović Hunjadi

Spouse Mihailo Obrenović, Karlo Aremberg
Date of birth August 28, 1831
Date of death February 12, 1919
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Personal situation

Julija Obrenović Hunjadi was born in Vienna on 28 August 1831. She lived in Vienna before marrying Mihailo Obrenović on August 1, 1853 in Vienna. Upon marrying, she did not convert to Orthodox Christianity but remained Catholic, which enraged the Obrenović family and the Serbian people. In 1859, they came to Serbia. They were not welcomed in Serbia. Đuro Daničić gave her Serbian language lessons. Mihailo and Julija’s marriage was a turbulent one. They had a number of crises and Julija wanted a divorce. Although they never officially divorced, she left Belgrade, while Mihailo became engaged with his niece Katarina. A week after the engagement, Mihailo was assassinated in Belgrade. Julija attended the funeral. She had good relations with with Milan Obrenović. In 1876, she married Karl Armberg. She died in Vienna on February 12, 1919.

Place of birth Beč
Place of death Beč
Marital status Remarried
Number of children 0
Social class Aristocracy by birth

Professional situation

Julija financially helped with the publication of Milica Stojadinović Srpkinja’s works.


She wrote letters both in Serbian and in German.



Savremenici i poslednici Dositeja Obradovića i Vuka Stefanovića Karadžića: sakupio, obradio i sredio Vlastoje D. Aleksijević (1911-1969); 8th volume. Available at:


Entry by Milica Đuričić

Translated by Višnja Krstić

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