Ekaterina Braćevački Jovanović

Spouse Prokopije Braćevački
Date of birth 1809
Date of death 1846

Personal situation

There are data suggesting that she was born before 1809 in Novi Sad or in Sombor, where she is supposed to have finished her primary school and was educated as a teacher.

On February 3, 1829, she married Prokocije Braćevački. They remained married until 1834, but it is not known whether they divorced or whether she was widowed.

In 1840, she moved to Zemun.

Before 1846, she married again, but there is not any information about her husband, nor about the exact date of her death.

Place of birth Novi Sad/Sombor
Marital status Remarried
Education School education

Professional situation

Until 1840, she worked as a "teacher of Pestan junior virgins in Ludoviceum". After that, she began working in Zemun in the primary "Girl's School", shortly after its establishment. For her work at school, she was rewarded on several occasions.

She also wrote poetry. She was a contributor to the Serbski narodni list (Serbian National Paper), Letopis Matice srpske (Matica Srpska Journal), and Dodatak novina srbskih (The Addition to Serbian Newspapers) in which she published her poems.

The poems were published in the Matica Srpska Journal and were printed in Antologija srpskog rodoljubivog pesništva (The Anthology of Serbian Patriotic Poetry) in Belgrade in 1967.


„Savremenici i poslednici Dositeja Obradovića i Vuka Stefanovića Karadžića sakupio, obradio i sredio Vlastoje D. Aleksijević (1911–1969); Prva sveska: katalog A-B Available on:

Note on life and work p. 408-410

Authored by Milica Đuričić

Translated by Marija Bulatović

Profession(s) and other activities poet and teacher/governess

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