Anđelija Stančić-Spajić

Name Anđelija Stančić-Spajić
Spouse and other names Stančić
Date of birth 1865
Date of death 1955
Country Serbia
Language Serbian
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About her personal situation

Anđelija Spajić was born in 1865 in Šid (Serbia). She graduated from High School for Girls and from Teacher's School in Sombor. In the period from 1892 to 1898, she worked as a teacher in Požarevac. Later she worked in Šabac, teaching several subjects -- German, history, geography, etc.

During the First World War she worked as a nurse. She is one of the founder of the "Protect Orphans" initiative, for which she was later awarded the prestigious Order of Saint Sava. However, she refused this award, saying she deserved it much earlier by working as a school teacher.

She died in 1955 in Belgrade.

Place of birth Šid
Place of death Beograd
Nationality srpska
Marital status Married
Education University education

About her professional situation

Anđelija Spajić wrote poems, short stories, and children literature. What is more, she actively translated from French, German and Czech into the Serbian language. Her editorial work is also noteworthy.

In 1929, she published a book titled "Najstariji jezik Biblije: ili jedan od najstarijih kulturnih naroda" (The oldest language of the Bible: or one of the oldest spoken by cultured people)

Joksimović, Veliša. Književnost požarevačkog kraja: od Grigorija Sinaita Mlađeg do Srboljuba Mitića. Požarevac: Grad Požarevac, 2014. Pp. 204-206.

Entry by Milica Đuričić.
Translated by Višnja Krstić.

Profession(s) and other activities Author of religious literature, Teacher/governess, Writer for children, Writer of prose and novel, Contributor to periodical press, Poet, and Translator


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