Anđelija Popović

Name Anđelija Popović
Date of birth 1850
Date of death 1920
Country Serbia
Language Serbian
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About her personal situation

The year of birth and the year of death are provisional.

 "Prominent Foreign Female Writers" was signed by Anđelja Popović. The text dates from 1895 and was written in Vienna but there is no data on the author of the text. 

Judging by her last name, we could assume that she was related to Jovan Popović, the editor of "Srpkinja".

At the time, Vojvodina, where the majority of journals was published, was the heart of Serbs' cultural life. Austria and its capital Vienna in particular had a huge impact on the development of Serbian education, as many future intellectuals went there to study. The presumption of Anđelja's connections with the Austro-Hungarian cultural space is reinforced with more evidence. Namely, her name appears in the list composed by the editorial board of "Srpkinja", where it is noted that she resides in Budapest. It is evident, then, that she had considerable ties with Austro-Hungaria, which explains the presence of German culture in her text.

We know for sure that she did not remain active in literary work, for her name does not appear in "Srpkinja" from 1913, where all the notable Serbian women are listed.

Milinković, Jelena. Književnice između feminizma i patrijarhalnosti.

Info by Jelena Milinković.
Translated by Višnja Krstić.

Nationality srpska
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Still not known

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