Anđa Petrović

Name Anđa Petrović
Date of birth 1891
Date of death 1914
Country Serbia
Language Serbian

About her personal situation

Anđa Petrović was Mita Petrović's daughter. Her siblings were poet Rastko Petrović and painter Nadežda Petrović.

Anđa Petrović died in January 1914.

About her professional situation

She was an excellent student of comparative literature at the University of Belgrade. She spoke five foreign languages: French, German, Italian, Czech, and Russian. In 1908, Anđa wrote to Tolstoy asking him to take Serbs in his protections, explaining him the complex situation of the Serbian country. Their correspondence continued for some time. As a result of Anđa's letters Tolstoy published a text on Austrian annexation of Bosnia. His text was initially published in Moscow in 1908, and a year after in Munich. Interestingly enough, this is the last text Tolstoy published during his life.



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Entry by Milica Đuričić.

Translated by Višnja Krstić.

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