Domaćica (Housewife), organ Ženskog društva i njegovih podružina

Organ Ženskog društva i njegovih podružina
Publication Type newsletter
Editor(s) Stevan Bajalović
Title Domaćica (Housewife), organ Ženskog društva i njegovih podružina
Subtitle Organ Ženskog društva i njegovih podružina
Publishing Place Belgrade
Publisher published by “Žensko društvo“; printed by “Štamparija zadruge štamparskih radenika in Belgrade“
Publishing Years From 1879
Publishing Years To 1941
Periods off from 1915 to 1920
Frequency once a month
Frequent regulary
Language and Aplhabet Serbian language, Cyrillic script
Physical Description format 26 cm; around 45 pages per issue (for 1880), sporadic illustrations
Associates Gender female (assumed)
Program The magazine is oriented primarily to women, particularly members of “Žensko društvo“ and its “podružine“ (branches). Its main intention is to report on activities of “Društvo“ and “podružine“ and to give all relevant information and provide an insight into social developments that influenced the well-being of families and the social advancement of women. The dominant topics, divided into separate rubrics are: upbringing and education (“Vaspitanje“), health and hygiene (“Higijena“), stories with a moral message (“Pouka“), housekeeping (“Gazdovanje“), entertainment (“Zabava“) and activities of “Žensko društvo“.
Feminine Being the official publication of “Žensko društvo“ and its “podružine“, the magazine is a typical magazine for women. It is a combination of a feminist magazine and a magazine for housewives – it reports on activities of women’s associations and advocates the emancipation and an equal position of women in society, while at the same time it emphasises the importance of women in the home and household. Under the “Rules of Žensko društvo“, “a regular member may be any female person, either married or single, regardless of her religion and ethnicity, aged at least 17“.
Distribution and Price for 1880 – annual subscription: 6 dinars, semi-annual subscription: 3 dinars.



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