Slavka Kuzmanović

Name Slavka Kuzmanović
Date of birth 1871
Date of death 1891
Country Serbia
Language Serbian

About her personal situation

Slavka Kuzmanović was born in Belgrade in 1871. She was from a wealthy family. Her father, Jovan Kuzmanović, was a merchant. Due to the good financial situation of the family, they invested in her education a great deal. She finished four grades of secondary school and a women's institute in Belgrade. In 1890, she became an extramural student at the Belgrade Higher School at the Department of History and Philology. She died at the age of twenty from the consequences of a strong cold. She was buried at the New Cemetery in Belgrade.

Place of birth Beograd
Place of death Beograd
Marital status Single
Social class Upper class
Education University education

About her professional situation

She studied French and Russian and she translated froom these two languages. She was an active participant in youth societies. She wrote poems. Aside from literature, she was also interested in science.


Profession(s) and other activities Social-cultural activist, Poet, and Translator

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