Katarina Popović - Midžina

Spouse Dimitrije Popović
Date of birth 1830
Date of death 1902
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Personal situation

Katarina Popović was born in Novi Sad in the prominent Petrović family. It is known that in 1844, she participated in amateur theater performances of the Komoraš Troupe, led by Konstantin Popović Komoraš. She married his oldest son, lawyer Dimitrije Popović-Midža, for which she was nicknamed Midžina (Eng. Midža's).

Place of birth Novi Sad
Place(s) of residence Austria
Nationality Serbian
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Married
Social class Middle class

Professional situation

Katarina Popović - Midžina wrote the first cookbook in folk language. In addition to recipes, the author also included in her book pieces of advice and instructions on decorating and serving meals, setting up a dining room, and organizing various gatherings such as dinner, receptions, balls, and so on. The book had several editions.


Translated by Marija Bulatović

Profession(s) and other activities writer of popular works
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian
Financial aspects of her career Other

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