Julka Stratimirović

Name Julka Stratimirović
Spouse and other names Jovica
Date of birth 1851
Date of death 1913
Country Serbia and Austro-Hungarian Empire
Language Serbian
Web address http://resources.huygens.knaw.nl/womenwriters/vre/persons/8e9b5c25-c3d6-4e19-9f4b-ef5252abe086#prevnext=1

About her personal situation

She was born in Kulpin, into the old Serbian family Stratimirović. She finished her elementary school in Kulpin and the Women’s High School in Novi Sad. She then sent to a boarding school in Pest, and soon after to Vienna. She spoke German, Hungarian, and French. In Pest she got married to Doctor Jovica. With him she had two sons. The exact year of her death is unknown (she had been alive in Pest in 1913). 

Place of birth Kulpin
Place(s) of residence Austria, Hungary, and Serbia
Nationality srpska
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Married
Number of children 2
Gender of children M (2)
Education School education

About her professional situation

She published her poetry in Javor in 1874. It was not until 1889 that she resumed the publication of her work. The period between 1889 and 1897 she was especially prolific. She worked with and published for various magazines and newspapers such as Ženski svet, Bosanska vila, Brankovo kolo, Branik and Naše doba. She mostly wrote patriotic verse and love poetry.  

Profession(s) and other activities Poet
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian

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