Jela Popović Spasić

Spouse Paun M. Spasić
Date of birth 1876
Date of death 1968
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Personal situation

Jela Popović was born in Belgrade in 1876. Her father was a high school teacher. She was educated in various places, though she finished most of her high school in Kragujevac. In 1895, she married Paun M. Spasić, who worked as a teacher in Pirot. After her husband’s death in 1898, she returned to her parents with her son. 

Place of birth Beograd
Place(s) of residence Serbia
Nationality Serbian
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status widowed
Education School education

Professional situation

She wrote for a number of magazines. Along with Petar Stojanović she published Materinska čitanka: za Srpske Kćeri i Matere (A Maternal Reader: for Serbian Daughters and Mothers). She mostly wrote poetry, but she also published pedagogical treatises and short stories. She was also politically engaged, working for several political periodicals, and wrote about the life of Serbian women. 

Profession(s) and other activities poet, contributor to periodical press, and fiction writer/novelist
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian
Financial aspects of her career Still not known


Reception during lifetime

Reception after death

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