Darinka Bulja Kosić

Spouse Đorđe Bulja
Date of birth 1879
Date of death 1959
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Personal situation

Darinka Bulja was born in Velika Kikinda. She was an only child, and because of her parents' desire not to leave their home, she did not continue her education despite her intelligence and talent. She married the notary Đordje Bulja.

Place of birth Velika Kikinda
Nationality Serbian
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Married
Education Educated at home

Professional situation

Darinka Bulja was a member of the Serbian singing society "Gusle" ("The Gusle") and "Devojačko kolo" ("The Girls' Circle Dance"), whose founder was her uncle Mihajlo Kosić. From 1906, she translated for the periodical Ženski svet (Women's World). She was one of the members of the editorial board of almanac Srpkinja, njezin život i rad, njezin kulturni razvitak i njezina narodna umjetnost do danas (Serbian Woman, Her Life and Work, Her Cultural Development and Her Folk Art until Today), which was published and financed in 1913 by the Charity Cooperative of Srpkinja in Irig, Serbia.

She spoke German and Hungarian.


Srpkinja: njezin život i rad, njezin kulturni razvitak i njezina narodna umjetnost do danas / uredile srpske književnice. Irig : Dobrotvorna zadruga srpkinja, 1913. (Sarajevo: Štamparija Pijuković i drug)

Data collected by Milica Đuričić

Translated by Marija Bulatović

Profession(s) and other activities fiction writer/novelist and translator
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian


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