Julijana (rođ. Vijatović) Radivojević

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Name Julijana (rođ. Vijatović) Radivojević
Spouse and other names Maks Radivojević
Date of birth January 02, 1799
Date of death 1837~1899
Country Hungary
Language Serbian
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About her personal situation

Julijana Radivojević (nee Vijatović) was born in Vršac (Serbia), where her father worked as an officer. At the age of 11, after her parents' death, she moved to Vienna at her uncle's, where she spent the following eight years, "almost forgetting her mother tongue", as she noted. In 1821, she moved to Pest, where she married Maks Radivojević. The date of her death is unknown.

Place of birth Vršac
Place(s) of residence Austria and Hungary
Nationality srpska
First language(s) Serbian
Marital status Married

About her professional situation

Based in Pest, from 1829 she started publishing almanac "Talija" in the Serbian language. Only a couple of her poems have survived, the most famous one being Spomen Dositeja Obradovića (In Memory of Dositej Obradović). Some researchers see her as the first Serbian female journalist.

She is also known for the sonnet that Czech poet Jan Kolar published in her honour in 1832. In the forth part of Kolar's Slávy dcera, sonnet 25 also contains a short bibliographical note, written by Radivojević herself. At the territory of Serbia, however, no copy of "Talija" survived till present day.

Source: Magdalena Koh, Kad sazremo kao kultura... (When we mature as a culture...)

Translated by Višnja Krstić

Profession(s) and other activities Journalist and Poet
Language(s) in which she wrote Serbian


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