Ana Vidović (rođ. Vusija)

Name Ana Vidović (rođ. Vusija)
Spouse and other names Vidović
Date of birth 1799
Date of death 1879
Country Serbia
Language Serbian

About her personal situation

Ana Vidović (nee Vusija) was born in 1788 in Šibenik (Croatia), where she grew up.She was educated in Šibenik and Zadar. She married MArko Vidović, who was also into writing. He, however, wrote mainly in Italian. They lived in Pag, where her husband worked. She died in Šibenik 1879.

Place of birth Šibenik
Place of death Šibenik
Nationality Hrvatica
Marital status Married
Education School education

About her professional situation

Ana Vidović was considerably influenced by Dositej Obradović and Vuk Karadžić. Her works were, therefore, greatly influenced by folk tradition.

Apart from Serbian, she spoke Italian too. In 1841, she published her first work "Anka i Stanko" in Zadar.

She was in the editorial board of the "Zora Dalmatinska" journal between 1844 and 1849. As of 1844, she started publishing her poems in Zadar, which were accompanied with an Italian translation. She published two books in Italian: A collection of poems (1846) and an epic poem about Romulus' founding of Rome (1856).

Savremenici i poslednici Dositeja Obradovića i Vuka Stefanovića Karadžića: sakupio, obradio i sredio Vlastoje D. Aleksijević (1911–1969), druga sveska, available at

Translated by Višnja Krstić.

Profession(s) and other activities Poet and Translator

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