Adelina Irbi-Boston

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Name Adelina Irbi-Boston
Date of birth 1833
Date of death September 02, 1911
Country United Kingdom
Language English

About her personal situation

She was born in early December 1833 in Boyland Hall in Norfolk, England. Her mother died when she was a child. She lived in London where she finished high school and university. She graduated with a degree in oriental studies. In 1859, she started a trip across Europe with her friend, but they were arrested in Požun and accused of espionage. They were only freed after the intervention of members of the English Parliament. Upon her return to the Balkans in 1863, she published book “Travelling across Slavic countries of Turkey in Europe”. Her humanitarian work is particularly noteworthy. King Peter I awarded her the prestigious Order of St. Sava, while king Nikola awarded her Danilo’s Medal. She died on 2 September 1911 and was buried in Sarajevo.

Translated by Višnja Krstić.

Place of birth Bojland Hol
Place(s) of residence Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and United Kingdom
Place of death Sarajevo
Nationality engleska
First language(s) English
Marital status Single
Education University education
Religion Protestant

About her professional situation

Profession(s) and other activities Writer of prose and novel and Travel writer
Language(s) in which she wrote English


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Reception after death

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